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Fan Page or Personal Profile? Which Is the Best Way to Build your Business on Facebook?

If you are building a business on Facebook, one of the things you should be considering is whether you will be focused on building your business on your personal Profile or on a fan Page.

The truth of the matter is that you can have success with either option.

However, one method is extremely limited and may have some undesired side effects​, while the other is highly scalable.

In this post I'm going to share with you some of the pros and cons of each method.

After all the goal of any entrepreneur is long-term business growth, right?

So the choice that will scale naturally is a better option to successfully build your business long-term.

Am I right?  I thought so.

So let's dig in...​


​I have seen a number of friends and people in the network marketing industry who have done well using just their personal Profile.

This is a great way to get started and introduce your business to your warm market.   

You can connect with people and directly message friends and "friends of friends", so that your messages goes right into their inbox.

It also allows you quick access to their profiles to see if they have expressed key interests that might resonate with you, your business or your products.

Additionally you can create posts about what you are up to, results etc and hope that people will reach out to you.

There is a proper way to do all this on your personal profile however so that you will hopefully NOT get into trouble with Facebook.

And I say that with the upmost concern, as you will see in a moment...

The main issue with your Facebook Profile is your reach, or the number of people you can connect with.  With your personal profile you are capped at 5,000.  This may or may not seem like a problem now, but think long term...

That is also a firm limitation, which you can't pass, because Facebook actually doesn't want you to use your personal profile as a vehicle for building your business!​

In fact, it is AGAINST their rules!​

Have you or anyone you know been to Facebook Jail?  This is likely because you/they were using their personal profiles for business purposes.  Things like posting a bunch of links to your MLM website, and crowding everybody's News Feed with a bunch of self-serving junk they aren't really interested in (think posts like: product shots, join my team and make $$$ -> you know the ones I am talking about)

The consequences are even worse if you use private messaging in the wrong way - you can get PERMANENTLY banned.  Then how will you know what's going on in the world?

  Oh, and now your primary source of building your business has just evaporated.

The most important con for me... You are NOT able to run ADS on your personal profile.

Now, for some of you in traditional network marketing, that might sound strange.  

You might wonder, "Why would I want to run advertising if the name of the game is to personally sponsor and recruit people?"

Fair question!  Well, it is because you want a LARGE audience to be exposed to your business, and you can only get that from ads.  

Think of it as "networking on steroids".

OK, so now that we have covered off personal profiles, let's jump into...


In a nutshell, the cons of using your personal profile for business are solved by creating a Fan Page.

With a Page, you open your audience and you can run ads to the 1.86 billion monthly active users (and growing), so you basically have an unlimited audience!

So let's take a more in-depth look...

A Facebook Page by nature, is intended to have as massive of a reach as possible.  (Translation: the number of people who can see your updates etc in unlimited)

Facebook fully supports you building a huge following and gives you TOOLS to do this!

In fact, it's central to their business model.

In the beginning I did what a lot of networkers do, and what my upline was training me to do.  Go out and meet new people and "friend them" on Facebook to keep the connection.  Then consistently reach out to them, comment and "like" their posts etc.

I ended up having a bunch of people that I really didn't know (or care about) popping up in my Newsfeed.  What I was more nervous about was that meant I was popping up in theirs and they were seeing posts about my kids and things that I would only like my "real" friends and family to see.

To top it all off, the more I was posting about my business, the more I was starting to annoy my family and friends!

I know this because I had already approached them about my business!

So first and foremost, a Fan Page allows you to separate your personal life from your business life (and keep your friends!)

Facebook Pages are intended for an ever-expanding audience with the purpose of generating leads and sales.

And as a business owner, isn't that what you want?  Am I right?

When I first started my Fan page a few months ago, I added 100+ fans in ONE week!  That's about half the amount of people I am friends with on Facebook... and that took me YEARS to create.  

Plus, these are all BRAND new people I have connected with in many countries, that otherwise I would have NEVER met.​

As my fan base grows, these are all people who I can promote stuff to and share value with, in the context of direct marketing and direct sales!​

The read advantage of having a Page is that you are building an asset with tremendous leverage.

Once you've set up your engagement strategy, you can walk away and your business will essentially work on autopilot.  

(Not Sure what this all means?  Check out this Attraction Marketing Video Bootcamp)

Compare that to a personal profile, where you have to constantly post new stuff (that is only going to annoy your family and friends anyway), and it's gone in the blink of an eye, likely without gaining much traction or interest.

Plus, other network marketers you are friends with are probably doing the exact same thing as you, so you are basically spamming each other, and everyone cancels each other out!


So, instead of wasting time doing that stuff, a Page allows you to generate exposure passively, so you can generate leads, customers, and recruits while you sleep, or are out to dinner, or playing with your kids.

​I plan all my Fan Page posts in advance.

Facebook allows you to schedule posts but I have found some great tools/aps that allow me to do this across all my social media platforms in one spot.

Talk about productivity!  I can sit down at my scheduled time every Monday morning and plan out all my posts for the upcoming week in about 30 minutes.

This allows my Page to be consistently delivering quality posts to my fans, maintaining consistency and encouraging engagement.  

And I don't have to be anywhere near my computer when they go out! 

In fact, I was recently in Costa Rica on a yoga retreat for an entire week (yup - the stuff dreams are made of kind of trip) - totally disconnected...  

Yet, I had posts going out every day to my page, keeping my fans engaged and even launched a 5 days to Facebook Live Success video training series (if you missed that and want to get in on that training action send me a message and I'll get it to you!)

All the while, I was basking in the sun, doing yoga, surfing and having the time of my life!

This was something I really struggled with before, as I am also super busy with a "day" job and my two kids.  When I was using my personal profile, I was constantly looking for things to post 2-3 times a day, but having to post them real-time was the biggest challenge!  My kids were getting tired of me being on my phone constantly and not engaged in what we were doing.  

I also run a Likes campaign on autopilot to my page.  So I increase my following, finding targeted potential leads, without a second thought!

Most importantly, I'm able to run paid ads on my Page that generate leads, sales, and new business recruits on autopilot.

That's the power of a PAGE: You're able to leverage Facebook's industry-leading advertising platform.

If you are curious about this, my mentor Ferny talks a little more about in his post Three Proven Ways to Build a Network Marketing Business Using the Internet

The real benefit of running ads, scaling your reach, and scheduling your posts, is reclaiming your life.

I have finally found strategies that allow me to generate leads and new recruits without having to pester family and friends, without having to figure out ways to talk to random strangers in public places and without having to spend my evenings and weekends doing parties.

Now that I have a system in place I can spend more time with my family and less time worrying about recruiting people into my business.

All because it is happening passively on the internet!

The final thing I'll say is this...

If you want to build real relationships in this industry, beyond a few random private messages, your audience needs to see that you are up to something bigger.

And that bigger thing can be, in fact, be that you are building a legitimate business Page - you are building an asset, you are generating leads and followers, ad you're doing it passively.

When people in the network marketing space see that, they are going to be impressed and they are going to want to know just what you are doing.

In fact, people in any business will want to know what you're doing!

All of a sudden, you become interesting and attractive in a different way.

It's NOT about your company, it's NOT about your products, services or MLM.

It's about what YOU, as an individual, have to offer.

One of the things that I was really uncomfortable with, especially as I dove deeper into this industry,  was having my personal life and my business life mixed together on Facebook.

That's going to be what takes you to the next level in your network marketing business.


Then you will need a proven system to follow.

Now that might sound intimidating to set up for yourself, but if you are ready to jump in and take your business seriously and build it online, I strongly recommend you check out this free ​10-day online recruiting bootcamp.

This Bootcamp and the Attraction Marketing Formula e-book by my mentor Ferny is how I was introduced to this "new" system and it has changed the way I am building my business.  

 (Here's a picture of me with Ferny at an amazing training weekend in Arizona in January!)

And I will never look back...(and my friends and family thank me for it!)

Just like anything else in business, this will take work and study (I still have SO much to learn...but what I already have learned in this short time blows my mind!).

But ultimately, enhancing your skill set and taking your business to the next level!

Looking forward to hearing of your successes!



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