ABOUT ME – Kirsten Hynds

Hey There!  I'm Kirsten Hynds...

I'm so happy that you are here!

I am super passionate about helping Women in the Network Marketing and Home Based Business space learn strategies to build the business of their dreams using the power of social media...the right way.

I've always felt a strong urge to empower other women to succeed.  

Since having my two daughter's - the feeling has only intensified.  It is important for me to lead by example and show them that by helping others succeed, you do too.

It is this passion for coaching and training that led me to start this journey and share it with you!


After working for over decade in software sales to independent retailers, I realized that I spent more time trying to educate them on why software is good for their business, than trying to sell them.  I also realized that despite my efforts, when I would go back six months later, they were still stuck.

I had an opportunity to take a leap of faith and leave my software sales position (and the nice cushy income that it came with) to start over and follow my passion to help these business owners and became a Retail Business Coach.  I do love my job as I get to help coach small business owners to run their stores more efficiently, celebrate their wins and help them through their lows. I get to help them be profitable (which is a very hard thing to do as an independent retailer) so that they can enjoy some freedom with their families, their kids can go to camp or maybe, just maybe they can get away from the shop long enough to take a holiday.  

WHY do I share this and how does that relate to this page?

Well a couple years ago, I also "fell" into Network Marketing.

I didn't mean to do it... BUT...

My friend started promoting some amazing naturally-based products that quickly grabbed my attention.  I literally reached out to her and said "OK give me the quick spiel as I am familiar with Network Marketing (my parents had been part of one when I was younger), I don't want to do the business, just want to know about the products".

Then I fell in the love with the products...  and researched the company... and that is how I "fell" into my Network Marketing business.

I have started a great team and the company is amazing.  I have earned great bonuses and even a trip incentive, but I quickly worked through my warm market and my business growth started to stall...  

I realized early that I simply was lacking TIME to build my business using the old ways that my upline was teaching and the ways my parents struggled with back in the day.

Translation: I was giving up my TIME Freedom trying to do parties, online events, posting in FB groups and there was no way I was going to be "that girl" approaching everyone around me with the whole "its not selling, it's sharing" mantra.

I was doing this to GAIN time with my family and these methods were taking time AWAY from them.

I knew there had to be a better way... 

I had to do some soul searching and what I recognized is that although I knew and had studied the concepts of marketing, I lacked the systems, the time to figure it all out and most eye opening, I figured out that I suffer from what I call "FTTA" (Failure To Take Action).

I strive so hard to learn everything, get distracted easily by shiny objects (the next best training) and try to do everything perfectly, that I get stalled in the learning and perfecting and get nothing done.

I wasn't taken ACTION on what I was learning. (I do come by this honestly... my dad is the same!) 

Perfection is the Enemy of Progress   

winston churchill

That has all changed!  

I have now found Attraction Marketing and learning the right way to market online!

I am now a part of an amazing community of like-minded individuals, who are all looking to build their businesses online.

Most importantly I have mentorship, a group of highly successful 6 & 7 figure earners, who hold me accountable (read= take action) and share their knowledge and wisdom to help me grow both in personal development AND in growing my business!

I also made another realization.  I can align my passion with helping and empowering other women in Network Marketing build the business of their dreams... ​

Let's face it, Network Marketing provides an amazing opportunity to start your own business, has limitless potential (there is no glass ceiling here - you are only limited by your own abilities) and has a large female presence!

And since my passion includes training and coaching...

My goal is to inspire, motivate and educate anyone in the network marketing world who finds themselves stuck like I did...looking for a better way to jump start their business.

 I only hope that my blog & trainings can be a tool for you to learn some new nuggets that you can take to your business and implement right away.

One thing I have learned from this business is that it is built by a bunch of brave people who have the vision to create a new life for themselves, but most are new to entrepreneurship and often lack the know how to work and build their new business.  

I would love to be your tour guide on this crazy new adventure!

 I want to see you grow and succeed and gain whatever freedom you are looking for.  

I would love nothing more than to celebrate your successes with you and help you work through your lows.  

If I can help play even a small role in that, I will fulfill my passion!

Thank you for joining me on my journey!  I look forward to sharing in your successes!

To Your Success



First off, I am a wife and mom to two beautifully smart young girls.  

My husband and I have been together since high school! (In fact we got married on our 16 year "dating" anniversary)

I live in a small beach community just outside of Vancouver, BC and I am a true West Coast girl at heart.  I love that I can walk to the beach and yet be up the mountain in less than an hour!

I LOVE Yoga, Sun, Snowboarding, SUP, Swimming, Travelling and just enjoying life!